Greetings texts on friendship: Merry Christmas to friends - Happy new year 2025 to friends

Christmas is a time of renewal, of feeling or bringing together the people you love, celebrating the past year and hoping for the best for the new year to come.
True friends are forever and even when they are far away, they remain close to the heart.
To all those who have distant friends but that the distance has not weakened the affection in these festive groups we will not be able to offer a physical embrace but we can still wish a Merry Christmas a happy 2025.
Distance does not remove thoughts and one does not forget the joys and also the difficulties overcome together.
Dear friends! We hope that this Christmas, Peace and Harmony will find a home in all hearts.
May hope be a constant feeling in every being that inhabits this planet. May love and friendship prevail over all material things.
May pains and worries be banished from hearts, leaving room only for affection.
May solitude be extinguished and true friendship and companionship take its place.
Let people try to look around, not so much at themselves.
May humility and respect reside in the soul and heart of all.
We can know how to love and respect friendship as ourselves.
May this Christmas be special in your life.
Send warm greetings to those who have been so special in our lives!

image with the start button to start the new year, Start, let's go!
Image with the start button to start the new year, Start, let's go!

In order to celebrate and spread the Christmas spirit, we made a selection of Christmas messages for your best friends and your best friends . Take a look and share on Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS or other social networks!

Christmas greetings for your friends

Now it's time to celebrate

Now is the time to say goodbye to the past year and welcome the next one. It is time to remember the good times, celebrate meetings, embrace friends and family.
Now it's time to thank. Thanks for all that has happened, for what will come and for the opportunity of a new year full of possibilities, just before.
Now it's time to celebrate, to be close to those you love, to forgive mistakes, to try to do better and better.
Today it's time to celebrate!

The real Christmas

Another Christmas has come and have you ever stopped to really think about Christmas and what is the meaning of this very special night that we celebrate every year? Every year we meet with our family and friends, exchange gifts, celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, eat and drink until we are satisfied. We participate in a night of celebration and joy. But what about Christmas in our lives? We must not forget that Christmas is a time of rebirth of faith and reaffirmation of the commitment to peace, solidarity and love for others. Real Christmas doesn't need gifts, nice clothes or a big dinner. True Christmas is a moment of sharing and unity, forgiveness, generosity, fraternity. Let the spirit of Christmas enter your life and always let it live in your heart. Christmas can be every day!

A wonderful Christmas for my friends

Merry Christmas, friends! I wish there was no lack of joy, peace and health in this magical moment, full of colors, lights and loves. You are wonderful human beings and you deserve a wonderful Christmas.
I am very happy to share my life with people like you.
Our friendship is honest, pure and full of exciting adventures. May this Christmas bring renewed happiness to each of us.
Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to my friend

Another Christmas has come and I feel my heart happy and peaceful again for having you in my life. Days like these are special just because I have friends like you.
I know we are no longer old enough to believe Santa. But in honor of our childhood I will ask you for a gift: to always have you in my life.
Merry Christmas, my dear friend, and may the New Year bring much happiness and results for all of us.
Happy Holidays!

Christmas and the magic of life

Merry Christmas! This is a wonderful time when the magic of life is present in all hearts. You're one of the most generous friends I know and that's why I want this date to be as good as it deserves.
I confess a little emotion in sharing the Christmas spirit with all of you. Yes, because Christmas is synonymous with partying with family and friends.
I love each of you! Kisses and hugs, and it's an exciting Christmas!

Merry Christmas dear friends

My dear friends, it is with great joy that we once again receive Christmas in our lives.
And the simple, yet wonderful, fact that we are all here to celebrate is reason enough to be grateful.
The year that is ending may have brought challenges to your life, it may have placed difficult obstacles in your path.
But make sure that the spirit of Christmas, the lights and the good energies that this time of year brings, will heal everything that could have happened. And they will energize you so that the new year starts with a lot of strength and spirit of life.
I leave my hug very strong and a lot of positive energy for everyone. May your Christmas be wonderful and start the new year on the right foot. Congratulations and happy holidays to my dear friends!

elegant image with decorative Christmas balls written in English Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Elegant image with decorative Christmas balls written in English Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Friendship that cheers your Christmas

In this moment of love, peace and, of course, not forgetting the gifts, this simple message is to tell you that you have received the best of all gifts - me, as a true friend!
I know your tastes better than anyone else and therefore I am sure that I will make your Christmas even more fun.

Christmas is the feast that unites

Christmas is everyone's party, it is time to be together, to embrace friends and wish peace and good to all. Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas, friends

It's Christmas, friends! Let's enjoy all the moments of this magical moment and celebrate the friendship that unites us.
You are special people that I will carry forever in my heart.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas, a special date for special friends

This date makes me think, think, imagine. This date is beautiful and profound and deserves to be experienced with great intensity.
You are the reason for my joy and you represent everything I think is important in this world.
Merry Christmas, dear!

Happy 2025 greetings for your friends

May 2025 be kind

We have reached the end of another year.
It comes with that flavor of Christmas, holidays, end of year.
It's always a special moment.
A time to be surrounded by friends and family.
A new beginning is announced.
Now it's time to say goodbye to the past year and welcome the following year.
It is very important to start this month with your head held high for whatever happens.
May 2025 be kind!

Another year will begin

Now that another year is about to begin, it's time to prepare your mind for new knowledge and your heart for new adventures.
Welcome dear year! Come with joy and a lot of positive energy, because time is not only for learning, but also for growing, evolving and making new friends.
I wish all my friends a wonderful year and a great success!

Happy holidays, dear friends!

Another Christmas is coming and once again I feel my heart full of love and happiness for the good doses of life lived well. And most of this is spent with you.
There is nothing in the world more important than people, and every year Christmas comes to remind us.
Gifts do not count, material goods do not count.
When you have friends, you have everything in life. You are my joy, my source of enthusiasm, my guardian angels. Without you my life would be poorer.
I feel rich and happy to have so many true friends.
I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring more happiness and more success than all the others!
Happy holidays to all and I hope to soon hug you personally!

Green background image with Happy Holidays message: Merry Christmas my friend!
Image with a green background with a message of happy holidays: May the New Year bring to you warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination. Happy New Year 2025 My Dear Friend.

A bright year for a great friend

Happy new year friend! You are a very special person who brings a lot of light into my life.
This year that ended has been very special, because we have overcome and won several challenges.
But I am sure that this which is about to begin will be even more brilliant. We have the opportunity to chase our dreams.
And nothing is so important: our happiness.
Happy New Year my friend!

A fantastic new year

Always count on your friendship, during the past year, it has been very nice.
I want to wish you a happy new year!

Happy New Year!

Always count on your friendship, during the past year, it has been very nice.
I want to wish you a happy new year!

Happy 2025!

May you find the results you dreamed of, enjoying all the happiness in this world.
The feeling I feel for you is very special, that's why I wish you
lots of love, health, peace and success for you and your family!

A new year of infinite possibilities, friends

Time passes, the years come and go, and now that another is running out, I thank you for our friendship that has remained and strengthened every day.
Happy New Year!

An old year to greet

I wish all my friends a new year of infinite possibilities. More good days than bad days.
Many dreams come true and many goals achieved.
Happy New Year, my friends, and greet the old man with joy and feeling of accomplishment!

May friendship prevail in the new year

Now that another year is ending, I think how lucky I am to have friends so special to share joys and share sadness.
You are the best friend in the world and life is much better and easier by your side.
I want to wish everyone a happy new year!

A rich year

May the new year come full of joy, health and peace with friends of all times.
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year for all

The time has come to start another year. 2025 will be a place to learn, but also to laugh, discover, live great adventures and make many friends.
Welcome 2025!
May this be a productive and very positive year for everyone.
Now we are back on the path that points to the success of each of you. Happy New Year to all!

elegant image in red and black with text 2025 Greetings
Elegant image with red and black colors with text: 2025 Greetings

Start the year with friendship

Happy new year friend! I am very happy to enter this new year with you. We will celebrate with great intensity and, of course, with great joy.
May good feelings be renewed in our friendship and at your side everything becomes even more magical and stimulating.
Run after your dreams and remember that I will always be close to support and comfort you.
Happy New Year dear!

The best 12 months for best friends

For best friends I wish the best 12 months ever.
Happy New Year!

Happy holidays to your best friend

With a special friend the celebrations are happier

Christmas and New Year are festive seasons of great significance and importance. But with friends like you, they're even more special!
Thank you for your friendship and for helping to make the old year a wonderful and very happy year! You are the best friend in the world.
May this Christmas joy, love and hope be reborn in the hearts of all your loved ones, that you celebrate peace and harmony with your families and in your homes.
May the new year bring new dreams and many results, it can be prosperous and happiness can be renewed every day.
And above all, let's continue together, and more, this year.
Happy holidays, Dear friend!

Christmas message to a special friend

My friend, never forget that God always has plans for our lives. And that only puts obstacles in our way that we are able to overcome.
This Christmas thank God for all the good and bad that has happened to you, have positive thoughts and be close to the people you love!
I know this year has not been easy for you, but take advantage of the good energies of Christmas to strengthen yourself, be loved and receive the blessings of God.
I would like, from the bottom of my heart, that your Christmas is full of love and peace.
I would also like your new year to bring many good things and many results. Happy holidays, my beloved friend!
Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year from the first second!

cheerful and funny image with a mouse carrying many gifts with a message of happy holidays: best wishes to my best friend
Cheerful and funny image with a mouse carrying many gifts with a message of happy holidays: best wishes to my best friend

Best wishes friend !!

I love being able to be present in your life, and I'm happy to know that I have your friendship.
And for me it would be a complete satisfaction to be able to contribute so that your happiness is complete.
Certainly this year will be a new discovery for you.
A new light that will bring joy and a lot of hope.
I am happy to wish you a happy new year!

A new year of light and peace for my brother friend

May your new year be of light and peace for you, my brother from the heart, and enjoy every second of this day.

The incredible friends deserve a magical year

Happy new year friend! We are almost about to enter the new year which will be even more special than what is ending.
You are an incredible person and you deserve magical moments in the next twelve months.

A friend to lean on

Count on me for anything, as I will be as close as ever.
We will face life with joy without giving up fighting for what we believe in.
The new year will be wonderful!

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy 2025 on friendship

A very precious Christmas gift

This Christmas I offer the most precious gift I have: my friendship. Happy holidays, friends!

Celebrate without worries

When another year is nearing completion, my only wish is to celebrate with you. So, let's celebrate, without worries!
May 2025 be full of light and that you can enjoy every moment. Bring family, friends and whoever you want close together.
Leave the responsibilities for later and live for today without worries.
I wish you a very happy 2025 and a very successful year!
You deserve it!

Friendship is learned by living

Who says you don't learn about friendship day by day? It is when we spend most of our time together that we make great discoveries about life. It is the school of life that trains us for new and together and truly exciting things, true friendship marks our lives forever.
Life companions are travel companions, learning companions, adventures and malice.
So when we are adults, only those friends who are part of our life will remain, our best friends.
In the memory of childhood friends, we will always find good memories and good stories about us themselves.
I want to wish you and wish you another year together, as beautiful as ever.
Happy New Year!

To my friends a merry Christmas and a happy 2025

In these moments, I always remember the good times we lived in last year and thank you for having such special friends.
I hope your Christmas is full of light, joy and charm! May the dinner be delicious, the hugs be loving and the magic of Christmas be present!
Merry Christmas and happy new year!

The revelation of happiness

Happy New Year my friends! I hope the next hundreds and thousands of hours are well spent.
May faces not lack joy, may happiness be alive in the hearts of each of you; and that true love is revealed at all times.
And don't forget that doing good does countless positive things, so be good to each other! Happy New Year my friends!

Green background image with Happy Holidays message: My Best Wish my friend!
Green background image with message of happy holidays: Happy New Year dear friend. Don’t forget the past, learn from it and go out strong for your dreams and future.
My Best Wish.

The best year ever for my friends

People like you deserve the best year ever.
And what is starting seems to have been specially prepared for you, friend! Happy New Year! Let peace, joy and great health be lacking for the next twelve months.
You are a very special person and I spent incredible moments with you. In this year that is starting things will be no different.
I really like our friendship! Kisses.

Renewed feelings and infinite joy

Friends like you deserve a year of renewed feelings and endless joy.
Happy New Year!

Gifts for my friends

In this magical moment I wish my friends peace, joy and health.
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, peace and harmony for friends

Merry Christmas, friends! May the magic of this time spread to everyone's home and bring happiness, peace and harmony.

Christmas is friendship and joy

That on this date we are not only true friends, but also the best brothers.
Merry Christmas!

New Year's greetings to friends

A new year full of success, love, peace, joy, prosperity and money, because it costs nothing to dream a little.
Happy New Year, my friends!

Celebrate life and live the new year

Happy New Year! Because when we have the best friends by our side, celebrating life is never a habit.

The last celebration of the year

The last day of the year is today, friends! Nothing is more important than taking full advantage of this date, which marks the end of hundreds of days of struggle, strength, determination, tears and even many smiles.
This is the right time to run after everything that has eluded us.
It is the ideal time to celebrate life together with those we love most.
And yes, I adore you, dear friends!

The best Christmas gifts are friends

This year I don't ask Santa for anything, because the best gift is your friendship.
Merry Christmas, friends!

A new year full of wonders, my friends!

The end of the year is always a strange period, we desire the same things every year, we are grateful for the happiness we receive from life and we continue to make lists that will never be satisfied.
This year I want to start by wishing you a wonderful year to the best friends I have ever met in this life!
Happy 2025.

image with playing cards for poker, spades, clubs, coins with 2025 text
Image with playing cards for poker with spades, clubs, coins with text 2025

A 2025 full of positivity

I hope that my positive thoughts turn all adversity into joy and that sadness does not take over your heart even for a single day!
That this year is filled with dreams that come true and that our meetings are more and more lively!
Happy new Year for a unique 2025.

May it be a year to celebrate in victory

You rejoice my life much more and you are part of the best memories of this crazy head.
May this new year be full of wonders, my friend, and that next year we can celebrate the many obstacles that will be overcome.
Happy New Year!

Let's start a year with real feelings!

Every year is always the same, we express our best wishes to friends and relatives and hope that everyone will do the same.
We appreciate a lot of peace, health and money, but often we forget to insert some truer feelings.

A year with optimism!

We must value positivity and maintain an optimistic view of the most diverse aspects of life on a daily basis, leaving behind everything that is not integrated with happiness.
We remember all the good things that happened to us to encourage new goals, without forgetting the mistakes that should never be made.
Happy new Year!

A 2025 with happiness as a companion!

May this new year come full of positive thoughts and each of them can produce some kind of benefit!
We will start the year with great optimism and those who know that happiness can become a companion for life.
Best wishes.

A good friend and client

Merry Christmas! The time has come to enjoy the most fascinating lights and colors of the year.
We live this appointment with family and friends with lots of love, affection and joy.
And you're a good friend like few others.

How to receive the new year

Friends, we celebrate the entrance of the new year in the way it deserves to be received: with friendship, celebration and great joy!

Happy new year, friends of my life

You are the most special person I know in life and this is why I wish you a magical year, full of success and prosperity for everyone.
Happy new year friends! Enjoy the next twelve months like never before.

Happy 2025, faithful friends

I will be happy if next year will be special like this. It is important to live life with friendship.
And luckily I have the best friends by my side.
A hug to everyone!

I wish all my friends a merry Christmas

Friends near and far, feel embraced and blessed in this magical date!
I wish you a merry Christmas!

Many dreams and happiness for the new year, friends

I wish my friends a new year full of good feelings; that old and new dreams come true and that love and friendship never fail!
May they say goodbye to the old year in celebration and with great joy, and say goodbye without regrets or bad feelings.

A prosperous year for you

Happy New Year, my friends! May this year bring much happiness and prosperity for all and come to further strengthen our friendship.

Happy holidays to you, my faithful friend! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2025
Wish you a brighter new year 2025 !! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2025

Joy and friendship at Christmas

With joy and friendship we will celebrate this appointment with great happiness. Merry Christmas, friends!

I wish all my friends a merry Christmas

This is the most magical time of the year. The streets are dressed in light, the houses of peace and harmony and the hearts of generosity.
Mine overflows with joy, not only because it's Christmas.
But because I have the best friends in the world. Merry Christmas!

The best of the days

I want to wish you all the best of the best. May all your wishes come true and happiness reign in your life.
Happy 2025, my friends!

New Year's friendship test

You, my friend, will always be a very surprising person to me. And I promise that in this new year that has just begun I will prove it. I like you like you're my brother. Happy New Year!
This has been memorable for me.
I feel that our friendship has won many tests of fire. I just hope this year is the beginning of laughter, love and peace for all of us.

Christmas friendship

The friendship that unites us is huge, friends, which is why I wish everyone to spend a magical Christmas full of joy, love and excellent health.
Happy holidays to all!

Friendship and family

We gather for a special celebration. Christmas is family, it is reflection and it is also friendship.
And it is next to each of you that I intend to live moments of this extraordinary date.
I wish you to feel happy and proud of what you have accomplished during the year.
Merry Christmas!

2025 a better year

I wish the new year brought a lot of optimism and willpower, a lot of joy, peace, health and happiness for all of us. May this be the best year ever!
That we never lose the ability to dream and fight to make our dreams come true.
Happy New Year! A very strong hug for everyone.

Message of happy fun holidays

It's time for celebrations and friendship, it's time to gather friends and relatives, it's time to give and receive, it's time to eat, drink and get fat!
Happy holidays, my friends, and enjoy Christmas and New Year.

Merry Christmas to virtual friends

Merry Christmas to all my friends in the virtual world! Regardless of the form that friendship takes, what matters is the feeling and you are very special to me.
Many times we sit in front of our lonely and cold screen to find warmth and company on the other side.
Therefore, a heart that sometimes felt sad and desolate returns to smile and to feel hope.
Virtual friends are sometimes just as important and relevant as face-to-face friends.
Above all, they are real and help when everything else seems to fail.
So to all of you who are on the other side of this screen I wish you much love, peace and joy.
May the best gift be to feel your heart warmed by so much affection and friendship.
Virtual Merry Christmas!

Christmas request

Friends, yesterday I met Santa Claus and he said that I could ask for anything this Christmas.
My request was to have my friends very close to me this Christmas and the new year.
That's why I warn you, if an old man is around and trying to pack you, relax ... and please cooperate, ok?
To my dear friends, my most sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The happiness of Christmas with good friends

Christmas is the time to join the family and celebrate with joy and peace, without forgetting the good friends who are our second family.

Black background image with Happy Holidays message.
Black background image with message of happy holidays: Always rise with a smile, keep the wind to your back, and savor every moment life gives you.

Friendship for many more years

Happy holidays, friends! And may our friendship last for many, many Christmas.

Best wishes for your religious friends

For friends, a year led by God

My friends, may this new year look back and praise God for all the blessings received.
Besides thanking every victory won and every obstacle overcome. May the new year bring peace and renew and strengthen faith in everyone's heart. May God guide, protect and bless you all with a year of many joys, health, love and peace.
Happy New Year, my friends!

Hope in the new year

May this new year bring renewal of hope, love and happiness. And above all that we continue together and our friendship prevails and is strengthened!
Felice 2025.

I wish you many satisfied wishes

To all my friends, far or near, I wish you a merry Christmas!
May Santa Claus bring many gifts for everyone and the Child Jesus will fill hearts with love and happiness.
Let each person's home have a lot of laughter and a lot of harmony, and that there are no unsatisfied desires.

True friendship and now also in faith

By the grace of God we have become friends, and now we are also great friends.
I can say now that we share the same faith, that we are brothers in Christ, that our earthly father is not the same, but we have the same Heavenly Father.
I know you will be happy when you receive my gift, chosen with great care.

I wish you love, joy and faith for your new year, friend

May your new phase of life be full of love and joy and that you can always spread the divine word.
Good day, dear friend. I know that God will be by your side today and forever.
Your day will be blessed and I know that you will always continue with much love and faith in your heart. Thank God for good things and always pray that he will listen to your devotion.
Congratulations, friend! Be happy!

Happy New Year to best friends

Fantastic friends, it's always nice to be with you, and I'm very happy to know that you will continue by my side next year.
There is nothing better than having friends, and since I have you, I no longer need to ask God for much more.
It's always nice to look back and revisit everything we've ever experienced and learn from the obstacles of life.
And when I do, I'm grateful to see that you were there with me, in good times and in bad times. Happy 2025!

Best wishes for happy holidays for your distant friends

New Year's greetings for distant friends

True friends are forever and even when they are far away, they remain close to the heart.
To all those who will not be able to offer a hug at this New Year, I wish you a happy new year!

Greetings, distance doesn't matter

Know that even if you are very far away you will always be present in my thoughts and I will not forget when I make my requests and promises.
I hope you joyfully greet the old year and welcome the new year with enthusiasm.
And that the year that will begin will be full of success, prosperity, love and friendship!

Image of red Christmas with Christmas tree and decorations with happy holidays to friends.
Red Christmas image with Christmas tree and decorations with happy holidays to friends: Friends are a treasure and I treasure our friendship and wish that blessings and hope fill your heart!

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