Texts for romantic greetings: Merry Christmas my love - Happy 2025 darling

Below are a series of suggestions for messages that can be used for the messages of the end-of-year holidays, therefore both for Christmas and Boxing Day (25 and 26 December) and for New Year's Eve (New Year's Eve, 31 December ) that the first day of the year (January 1st).
Feel free to choose one, personalizing it, always add its name!) and send it with a special touch to your loved one.
The end of the year is always a good time to think a bit about life, remember the wonders that we have to thank and also everything we will never do again.
2025 is the new year and it is a new stage that must be celebrated, we have a great opportunity to eliminate everything that does not bring more happiness in our life and therefore we have more space to experience new joys! We will surround ourselves with positive thoughts and continue to do our best whenever possible.
May this new year come first with great health and courage, because in this way we already have enough to get everything else.
And if love is not lacking, we can consider ourselves truly lucky and rich, love is the meaning of life itself.

image with a beautiful bouquet of red roses in a heart-shaped box with greeting text written on it
image with a beautiful bouquet of red roses in a heart-shaped box with greeting text written above. Flowers are always a great gift for any occasion .

Christmas is synonymous with love!
This is by far the time of year when we are most receptive and kind-hearted. December 25 is not just to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ or to eat, have fun and buy gifts.
It goes further, it is solidarity, affection, compassion, kindness and renewed hope. Sometimes we want to congratulate the good people we love, but we don't know how to put the love and respect we have on paper with words, do we? Precisely for this reason we have dedicated this page to love wishes and we have selected perfect messages for a merry christmas and happy new year to send to someone special, who you love, the man or woman in your life, but also a very special friend.

That this Christmas and every day of the following year, we can make Jesus our best friend, because it is the main reason for Christmas and our existence. Only if we live our love with the presence of God and can we say that our love is perfect.
Merry Christmas and a new year full of love, peace, friendship, humility and wisdom awaits us .

Christmas greetings for boyfriend

Make my Christmas happier

This year I won't have to look for gifts under the Christmas tree because I know I already have everything I've always asked God for day I met you.
You're the reason for my smiles and the reason I'm happier.
I love you so much and I hope your Christmas is wonderful, mine already is!

Love at Christmas

Christmas is here! Christmas has finally come, my love! You know how much I love this time of year. I feel that everything will work and I am even more sure that love is the answer and the solution to everything.
I even think that the love that unites us is strengthened at Christmas!
It's amazing how much this date moves me. I am more sensitive, but also happier.
Merry Christmas like you, my love!
I hug you tightly and send you many kisses.

You are my best gift

I have already received the best gift I could ask for on this day: the best boyfriend in the world! Merry Christmas my love!

12 months to talk about love

Happy New Year My Love! I hope and wish that the next few months are unforgettable for the best reasons. I want to say things in your ear that I never said. Take care of yourself like never before.
I'm sure this year will be immensely rewarding and full of beautiful and powerful emotions.
We will be together at all times. And we will celebrate love every day and every night.

With my boyfriend on Christmas day

My love, I want to be right next to you on Christmas day! I want to buy last minute gifts the day before; always hand in hand with you. This, my dear, is simply my greatest desire in this era of miracles, peace and light.
More than just a boy, you are my everything! When we are together I feel a joy that has no name or definition. It feels like Christmas inside me every day and every moment, baby!
I really want, I even need you to have a lot of fun and to reflect deeply on what you have built and on the dreams you still intend to achieve. Only then, will fighting for everything you believe feel good in life. But now it's time to enjoy Christmas.
We wish the family and friends best wishes.
And let's celebrate. Merry Christmas!

image with glasses and sparkling wine to toast at midnight of the new year with balloons colored with 2025
Romantic image with glasses and sparkling wine to toast at midnight of the new year with confetti, fireworks and colored balloons with the writing 2025

Years of love and company

For years now that we started dating, I discovered what true love was. In addition, I learned what company, trust and happiness are.
Inspire me to pursue my dreams and pursue what I want. I thank you for every new year we spend together because you were the best that has ever happened in my life.
Congratulations to us, my love. May our falling in love continue to be stronger than ever and that we can always celebrate.
I love you with all my heart!

A Christmas present for my prince

The moment when we all remember love and peace has just arrived!
It's Christmas, honey! And it is with you that I wish most to exchange promises and promises of eternal passion. He is more than just a boy, you are my Prince Charming.
This year I have a very special gift, but it is not new; it's not really a surprise, but something you've had for some time.
I refer to my pure and strong feeling;
I am talking about my love for you. Merry Christmas!

A happy Christmas to my love

Merry Christmas, my great love! May the light of peace and joy be lit in your heart and remain there shining all year round.
You are my best gift, not only for this Christmas, but for my whole life.
So this year I only ask Santa Claus to keep us together and happier.
I love you!

I want you this Christmas

I want you by my side, not only for this Christmas, but for a lifetime. This time of year makes my heart melt; I become more sensitive.
I think of everything I have received from life and how much I want to return.
Honey, today I'm a better person because I have your presence by my side.
My life is now more colorful, full of hope for the future.
You know, my love, I am happy with you and I am sure that this Christmas will bless our relationship forever. Happy Holidays!

Finally my Christmas is complete

This festive moment becomes even more magical at Christmas! I want to give you a big hug and remember that you make every moment unique!
Finally my Christmas is complete. With you by my side, the charm of that date becomes even more evident.
You complete my Christmas and I feel like the luckiest person in the universe! I am very happy that we will be together today, celebrating with those we love.
Merry Christmas, love!

All I want this Christmas is to be at your side, love

It's Christmas and I want to enjoy everything; and by your side, of course! My love, you are the ideal boyfriend, anyone's dream, the Prince Charming and the best thing in this world! I want to offer you everything, give a thousand gifts, a thousand kisses, a thousand caresses. Merry Christmas to us!
I feel that I have a great story to live by your side. And I want to start writing the most important pages of our book this Christmas.
I feel that we can and must take a bigger step towards the destiny of our beautiful and magical relationship.
Maybe I'm inspired by the Christmas spirit, I don't know, but I feel more and more that my place is next to him; that my home is where you are.
I think love is this and nothing more! Let's celebrate life, love and passion this Christmas that has everything to become unforgettable!
I love you, honey!

A Christmas of love next to my boyfriend

Today the house will be full and your heart warmed by so much love and your presence tonight is the most special for me, my love.
You are a fantastic boy and spending this Christmas by your side is my greatest joy.
Merry Christmas, my great love. May our night be bright, blessed and full of gifts.
It's nice to live these special dates with the boy of my dreams!
I love you so much!

photo with a heart protruding from a gift box with elastic spring and love message
Photos with a heart protruding from a gift box with elastic spring and love message: I can never imagine a year without you. Thank you for being in my life. I have only love to offer you this new year.

The Christmas atmosphere has arrived, my love

I already feel the environment in the air. Christmas has come, honey, my boy!
I am always so happy on this date that I can't even explain the explosion of sensations that are happening in my heart. I am like a child; the difference is that I already know that Santa Claus doesn't exist.
And do you know the best of this time of year? I can share everything I feel and think with the great love of my dreams: you.
I hope and wish that all this Christmas is going well.
Oh, and may good things continue for all our eternity. Merry Christmas, love!

A Christmas of union with my boyfriend

My love, we are coming to the end of another year and, with this, we will have many parties and celebrations with family and friends.
It is during this Christmas time that I feel most fortunate to be healthy, a wonderful family and an incredible boy like you.
When I am at your side, I see that the true meaning of this date is not the exchange of gifts or dinners, but the moment when we are grateful for the people who accompany us and who are so important in our lives.
I wish your Christmas and that of your whole family were of great union, peace and empathy. I love you so much!

I want a magical Christmas with my boyfriend

This is my favorite date of the year, as it is a magical moment and it is very nice to be able to share this Christmas with you, my beloved boyfriend.
Today everything is more beautiful, hugs are tighter, love takes care of everything and the world is full of light.
You are very special to me and I want to thank you for being with me on all important dates.
I wish you a blessed Christmas so that we can enjoy every beautiful detail of this day.
Merry Christmas, my great love, and may it be a night full of light!

Image with a beautiful bouquet of roses with best wishes for Happy Holidays for your love
Image with a beautiful bouquet of roses with best wishes for Happy Holidays for your love. If you can't give real flowers, these roses will still be a nice sweet thought .

Merry Christmas, to my beautiful boyfriend

My beautiful boyfriend, Christmas is already coming and, with it, a new opportunity to reflect on our actions and our role in the world.
When I look at you and see the good you do for everyone around you, my chest is full of joy in seeing how lucky I am to have such a wonderful person as a boy.
You are very special for your family and friends, but for me you are more, it is the reason why I get out of bed in the morning and try to be a better person.
Merry Christmas with lots of love, health and serenity. I love you!

A dream Christmas for my boyfriend

A dream Christmas is what I want
for you and me, my dear
boy and unconditional love.
May the blessed light of this time
illuminate our hearts for all life together.
I love you!

Honey, it's Christmas, let's celebrate love

Honey, it's Christmas! I am so happy to share this beautiful moment with you! I like everything at this stage of the year: the always bright lights, the infinite colors, the Christmas spirit in the air.
And with you by my side I feel Christmas with another intensity.
I want to promise you that I will take care of our love with great commitment and will; that I will fight against everything and everyone to ensure their well-being and happiness. And I will not do it only at Christmas, but in every moment of our history.
I want to receive everything from you and give it to your heart! I want to be together and walk my and your way of life.
I would like your dreams to be mine too and that we always make them hand in hand.
My love, it's a happy and very exciting Christmas party for you. I love you!

Another Christmas with my boyfriend

With my boyfriend, we got together for another end of the year and of all the Christmases I have spent in my life, the ones I spend with him are the ones that most mark me.
I am very happy to be able to celebrate such an important date with you and have a taste of what it will be like when we have our family.
I hope our Christmas is of joy, health, communion and above all love.
A merry Christmas, and may it be another of the many dates we will celebrate together!

Christmas wishes for girlfriend

This Christmas is my gift

- This Christmas I don't want gifts in the form of objects, I don't want big gestures, nor any kind of wealth other than you.

- This Christmas I just want what I already have, your love and always be happy by your side, as I have been so far. Merry Christmas my love!

- In this moment of peace, hope and love, I just want to thank you for the happiness that is having you with me and celebrating life always by your side. I love you!

- Christmas is the time of the family, a lot of laughter and joy. It is a time of brotherhood and unity, and he tries to do it this way all year round. Merry Christmas!

Image with colored stars for romantic New Year's greetings
Image with colored stars for romantic New Year's greetings

In the new year I promise to love you even more

My love, the time has come to welcome a new year. And we receive the gift of another 365 days with joy and hope.
For the new year I promise to love you more and more.
Take care, protect and fight for your happiness every day, not only this year, but for our whole life.
I wish this was a year of happiness, success and strengthening of our relationship. Happy New Year My Love!

A Christmas that lasts forever

Love for my life, if I could ask Santa for a gift, I would choose to live Christmas every day of the year, since this is the date we spend with the people we love in complete harmony.
From our first Christmas together, I felt that this date would never be the same, since all its meaning was clear to me.
I hope this Christmas is another one in a long list of holidays that we will spend together.
I love you very much and I would like all your dreams to come true!

The most loving time of the year is Christmas

My favorite part of the year has come, my love. I wish this Christmas was very happy and spent with those we love most.
And of course you are one of the people I want most by my side.
In this hour of celebration and celebration I really want you to feel good, in peace and with joy in your heart.
May the magic of Christmas be very much alive in you, my little one. You are one of the most beautiful people I know and that is why I wish you an unforgettable Christmas.
I love you!

A new year and the same love

Happy New Year Darling! You are very important to me. In fact, entering the new year by your side, in the warmth of your embrace, is all you could wish for.
I only hope that we remain united and in love as always.
I like you very much and I promise that the next twelve months will be even richer and more special for our relationship.
I love you in a way that time will never fade.
Happy new year, love!

We will be together in this new year, love

We are going to take the first step into a new year. It is with great happiness that I will take this step by your side.
We will be together at the beginning of the year and every following day!
You made my year very special and I'm sure you will continue to make my days even more magical! Happy New Year My Love!
We will be side by side in this new stage!

A fantastic new year with you by my side

Special moments are such only if we have the right people by our side.
Seeing you by my side at midnight on December 31st and celebrating New Year's Eve with you is my greatest joy. Make every magic moment unforgettable!
I'm sure this new year has immense happiness and a unique joy for us! It's nice to be in the company of an incredible person like you!
I wish you a wonderful and loving new year!

Merry Christmas, my great love

With light, peace and gratitude we will celebrate this appointment with joy and full satisfaction.
Merry Christmas my love!

Image with red roses for romantic Merry Christmas greetings
Image with red roses bouquet in an elegant black box for romantic Merry Christmas wishes

Greetings Christmas with the love of Jesus and God

The new days of love

Happy New Year! Only love messages are important. It is only the love that deserves to be celebrated.
Only he should be promised. It's done! Another 365 days and many more are coming.
They will be new moments, unforgettable surprises. In fact, every new day, every hour is the right occasion.
And that's why we must preserve the love and friendship between all.
It's time to be happy through love!
Happy holidays!

Christmas, love and families

My love, of all the important dates of the year, Christmas is what makes me happiest because it is on this day that our families meet and I feel the true meaning of the unity that this event brings us.
When I see how lucky we are to have such beautiful families, I feel that God blesses us every day.
Merry Christmas and may your love continue to guide our hearts.

Reflect on the meaning of Christmas

Every year, when the Christmas season arrives, many get lost in the presents, rushing to the shops, the tables full of food ...
But is this Christmas? No!
Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of our Savior and thus let love, peace and hope be reborn in our hearts.
Christmas is a time of forgiveness, of forgetfulness of pain and bitterness, and is a moment of strengthening the heart in faith.

May the Christmas spirit spread love on this day

Today is the most special day of the year, as it is time to celebrate the birth of the one who protects us every day.
Christmas is a time to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and thank him for all that he offers us.
Thanks for the full house, for the full table and for each of the people who are united on this special occasion.
May the Christmas spirit spread love all over the world and above all that fill our hearts with joy.
I wish a happy Christmas to all those who carry God in their breast and know the power that faith has!

Happy New Year, Love

Over the years I am more confident than we are special. As you know, I was not alone last year because I have always been able to count on your company and your love.
You have brought affection and joy into my life and you have turned difficulties into milder moments. Q
then I want to wish you all the happiness you deserve, always with me by your side.
May our sentiment grow and strengthen even more in this coming year.
And that we face the new challenges with faith, hope and lots of love. And love is not lacking.
Therefore, we can face this new year with the certainty that we will be with each other at all times, be they easy or difficult.
I know that God will illuminate our lives.
I love you. Happy New Year!

Greetings messages New Year's Eve to my love

Image with red roses for romantic Happy New Year greetings
Image with a bouquet of red roses in an elegant black box for romantic wishes for a Happy 2025

Thanking for the year that begins

The time has come to thank you for reaching the end of another year with health, love and, above all, with God in our hearts.
The divine blessing is with us every day of the year, but when we arrive at these holidays the spirit of unity becomes more and more present everywhere and the light that illuminates our paths becomes brighter.
May this new year God continue to make our life a journey in which the star you guide is love for others, charity and kindness.
Happy New Year!

Entering the new year with love

Happy New Year! My love, by your side I got to know the best of life and that's how I intend to enter next year.

New Year's greetings with love

Life is a cycle and this is no longer a novelty. We spent so many end of the year together and almost always want the same things, almost automatically.
Much peace, health and prosperity are certainly the most pronounced desires at this time of year, but this time I want something with much more meaning.
This year my wishes will be more specific, full of love and the best feelings that exist!
I want our love to always put us on the path of positivity, where there is no room for sadness, only for our happiness.
I wish the new year was welcomed with great joy and that optimism was responsible for a large number of new results.
May the success be the final destination of this track and every obstacle further solidify all the good that is built.
Happy New Year my love!
This is the best year of your life!

Happy New Year, Love for my life

My love, now that the year is ending, I have a lot to be grateful for, but above all I thank you for this.
To live another year by your side was a unique blessing.
We shared many joys and even less beautiful moments, but everything was important, because it brought us here.
I love you! Happy New Year My Love

A renewed love

Happy New Year!
May this love that holds us together be renewed and strengthened in the new year.

Let's go hand in hand in this new year

My love, the year is coming to an end and I want to thank you for the good things.
For this end of the year I thank you for being by my side and for our love that grows every day!
The end of the year is always a moment of renewal and I feel our love more renewed than ever.
We will go hand in hand in this new year to celebrate life and our union!
Happy New Year, Love! I love you!

tender image with teddy bear holding a flower and a romantic phrase of best wishes
Tender image with teddy bear holding a flower and romantic dedication: I would do anything to make you happy. Happy new year 2025 Sweetheart!

A complete new year by your side

Happy New Year My Love! For the first time, my new year will be complete, because I will have you here with me.
Countdown, kiss me at midnight, celebrate a new phase! I am very happy to be able to share this moment with you!
I hope our new year comes with even more happiness and joy!
I want to count on your company all year round and be able to embrace you at all hours!
Happy New Year to us!

Enter the new year with the love of all time

How beautiful it is to enter the new year with what I love most. Happy New Year Love!

A new year full and full of love

What a joy to enter this new year with you by my side!
I'm sure the year ahead will be even better! We will be together at midnight and all the other days to come!
Having you with me is the greatest certainty that this new year will be incredible and full of smiles!
Happy New Year, my love! May our year be complete and full of love!

A new year with the same passion

The new year will be even more beautiful, because we will be more together than ever and in love as always. Happy New Year!

A year of surprises for love

My love, the new year has just begun and I already feel that it brings many surprises to our relationship. You are the reason for my life and the strength that makes me happy.
And year after year I know that love, peace and friendship will not fail in our union.
We will face the next twelve months with courage and a lot of determination. Love is not only will, but also dedication.
Happy New Year!

Renewed feelings for a special year

Happy New Year! A new year is about to begin, my love!
And I'm sure it will bring new and renewed feelings to enrich our relationship. You are the reason I feel so happy and it will be so year after year.
I just want our connection to become stronger over time.
And that we face life with a look of gratitude.
Enter the new year with a smile on your face and my love in your heart. Kisses.

Greetings messages for Christmas and New Year with love

An unforgettable Christmas and New Year

May the heart beat with love and peace this Christmas and be full of joy in the new year. Happy Holidays!

This is the period of warmth and love

This is the time I love most of all the year. It is Christmas, warmth and happiness. It is the month of holidays with all its quality.
December means love, passion, joy and a lot of intensity.
There is no way to be happy without loving this special moment. You have to smile, smile a lot; embrace, kiss and share time with the people we love most. The month of December represents love.
And I love it, this wonderful time!

Image with black background with decorative Christmas balls and sparkling threads with love dedication
Image with black background with decorative Christmas balls and sparkling threads with love dedication: Let’s welcome another year full of love, caring and compassion for each other. We’ll make a lot of new memories in the new year!.

A great year for a great love

You are the greatest love of my life and I will happily have another year to prove that what I say is true.
Happy New Year my love! I wish the next twelve months to be very blessed and full of love and passion.
I am happy by your side. In fact, only by your side do I feel at peace.
Let's hunt all our dreams together. I love you and will love you forever.

Decorate my Christmas

They are not the lights, nor the garlands; the best Christmas decoration is your smile. Happy holidays, my angel

New year and the same love

New year, new life and the same love as always!
My love, it's so nice to be able to celebrate this new year by your side.
I want to give you a warm hug and celebrate this special night with you.
We spent an incredible year and can't wait to find out what this new year has in store for us.
I'm so sure: we'll be together, as always.
Happy New Year! I love you!

Happy holidays with love and care

We are already experiencing the best time of the year, a magical moment of joy and celebration.
I wish your Christmas was spent with the people you love most, in health, peace and harmony.
And may the new year bring much happiness and prosperity.
Take advantage of this Christmas to distribute love and affection and therefore close the year in style.
Forget everything that went wrong in the old year and focus only on what you want to achieve in the new year.
Happy Holidays

Greetings with love to send to your dear and loved family

Best wishes to my relatives

That this Christmas and every day of the following year, we can make Jesus our best friend, because it is the main reason for Christmas and our existence.
Only if we live our love with the presence of God and we can say that our love is perfect.
Merry Christmas and a new year full of love, peace, friendship, humility and wisdom awaits us.

image with pink heart, butterflies and lantern to create a romantic atmosphere and wish a happy Christmas to your love
image with pink heart, butterflies and lantern to create a romantic atmosphere and wish a happy Christmas to your love. Dedicate it in your heart: Merry Christmas My love .

Hope for a better year

May Baby Jesus illuminate Christmas with the hope of better days and special moments in your life.
May He enlighten your family so that they never forget that understanding is the basis of everything.
May this Christmas be more than a party, whether it be the celebration of a new full start of peace and love among men of good will.

For you joy that comes from heavenly places

I wish you a merry Christmas, full of the joy that comes from above, of peace from the love of God and everything in which the Holy Spirit makes us believe.

Best wishes for the end of the year to my cousin

May this coming year be an open door to new dreams, renewals of faith and much peace for our world.
Merry Christmas and prosperous new year dear cousin!

Best wishes to my grandmother with unshakeable faith

May the Christmas spirit bring to our hearts the unshakeable faith of those who believe in a new time of peace and love.
Happy holidays!

Sowing hope in hearts

Christmas is the time to celebrate life, spread love and sow hope.
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my dear aunt

May the peace of Our Lady and understanding reign in our hearts this Christmas and next year.
Happy holidays dear aunt.

In the family peace and love

Christmas is a moment of joy, sharing and fraternity.
May this climate be the basis for us to find happiness and peace.
Merry Christmas in Christ Jesus!

To my older brother, an example of love

May the results achieved this year be only seeds planted which will be harvested more successfully in the next year.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Merry Christmas mum !!

May this Christmas enjoy every moment with immense joy and form a bond of peace, friendship and love.
Greetings mom.

Happy holidays, I am far but close !!

Just a merry Christmas message is not enough to say how I wish you mom and dad, my dear brothers and sisters of the beautiful holidays, I am far away but my heart is there, close with you as my adored family.
I love you, you are an example of love for me.

At Christmas I miss my family's love

May your Christmas be the hope of the year to come, with all possible and imaginary goals.
May Christmas be a symbol of love and peace in everyone's heart! A merry Christmas full of harmony.
God bless you all.

Best wishes to you who educated and raised me

Christmas is the birth of Christ. The new year is the birth of a new hope.
May your Christmas be bright with joy, illuminated with love.
Merry Christmas my dear parents and a new year full of hope!

Best wishes! We are a united family and not only at Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! May the Christmas star, Jesus Christ, be a light that always shines in the life of those who seek it!
The most awaited time of the year has arrived. Family together, lots of laughter, great food, grandmother's kiss, grandfather's kiss ... Ah, how delicious!
The day of the year when I feel most loved.
How much affection, how much happiness, how lucky I am to be able to share this very special appointment with wonderful people like you!

Drawing of a couple who embrace each other tenderly and exchange greetings
Drawing of a couple embracing each other tenderly and exchanging greetings .

Only with you I live love

May Christmas be like a garden, where joy blooms and happiness grows for years and years without end!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas wishes and Happy New Year 2025 with love

Embrace and forgive this last day of the year

On this last day of the year, embrace those you love, forgive those who have made mistakes and enter the new year with a peaceful heart!

December, the month of all holidays

December is love, it is warmth, it is affection and it is affection. December is positive energy in the morning, in the evening and in the afternoon.
December is Christmas, it's the family, it's the magic of life. To be happy is to live this period in style. Let's enjoy this last month of the year with all the intensity of the world.
We will live with passion every moment of the month of all the holidays. Let's turn the next few days into something beautiful and memorable.
Season's greetings!

The best Christmas gift is love

Love is the best gift to offer to those we love.
Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Christmas peace and prosperous new year

This Christmas, may the light of love and peace shine in your home, and the new year will bring many happy and prosperous days!

Fireworks on New Year's Eve

The fireworks announce
the arrival of a new year!
It's time to remake your unfulfilled dreams
and believe that you will make them.
Take a look
affectionate and warm to your
friends and forgive your enemies.
Learn from the mistakes
of the past year and toast the year of
welcome with a smile.
Go and find that love
it's never completely lost and surprise yourself for
the love you've already won once again.
I wish you a year full of light,
love, health and prosperity!

Let's celebrate the magic and the charm

Christmas is here! It is time to celebrate and there is nothing better than celebrating with the people we love.
In this period of love and solidarity, I couldn't be happier to be with you.
Christmas is the time to exchange gifts and you are definitely the best gift I could receive!
Merry Christmas my love! Let's celebrate the magic and charm of this time of year!

An important year

Happy New Year! I hope the next twelve months will be very special. I feel that next year will be the most memorable of my life for the best reasons.
Joy, peace, health and love are what I want for all people.
This turn of the year will represent renewed feelings and great and stimulating sensations.

This magical moment warms our hearts

So it's Christmas! This magical moment warms our hearts.
Finally my Christmas is complete because now I have you by my side. The magic of Christmas mixes with the magic of our love and makes this moment even more special!
It is time for union, to be present, to exchange gifts. I want to live every moment by your side, celebrating the love we share and that Christmas spirit!
Merry Christmas.

Romantic image with christmas present and greeting text: Merry Christmas to the one who makes my heart sing and my spirit shine!.
Romantic image with christmas present and greeting text: Merry Christmas to the one who makes my heart sing and my spirit shine!.

A magical and loving year

I wish you a magical year, with many beautiful surprises and full of love for everyone. Happy New Year!

Two hearts and a dream

Happy New Year, Love! May my dreams be yours and together we will realize them in the next 12 months.

Best wishes for a nice celebration

May this celebration be felt with the heart and passed on to those we love. Happy Holidays!

Next year's emotions

That love can be our motto and that next year will bring even more emotions into our life. Happy New Year, Love!

For the best year of our life

Happy New Year My Love! May the next twelve months be as wonderful as those that have passed.
And may our union never fail with joy, peace and friendship.
I hope that in the year that begins our love will be even more powerful. Let's enjoy the flowers of spring and the brown of autumn, the heat of summer and the tenderness of winter.
I want to be happy with you every day; I want to turn dreams into reality, share ideals and overcome challenges with you.
I am sure that a prosperous and very happy year awaits us, my love.
So it can come and be the best of our lives!

A magical moment by your side

There is nothing better than spending this magical moment with those who illuminate my life.
Merry Christmas, love!

Distribute gifts from the heart

Merry Christmas my love! Fill your heart with good feelings to distribute to everyone.

The Christmas spirit takes care of our hearts

The Christmas spirit takes over our hearts at this time of year!
I want to live every moment of that magical moment by your side. I want to be present during the celebrations, I want to give you my best hug to live this night of joy together!
A complete table, full hearts and complete love is all I could ask for as a gift.
Merry Christmas my love!

Romantic Christmas

Merry Christmas to those I love! At Christmas, everything becomes different, but very special.
May all your wishes for health, peace, love and new dreams come to you this Christmas, because that's all I want.
Merry Christmas my love, for you who managed to make our relationship the beginning of a wonderful life!
To you who are a special person; who knows how to give love and care. For you I love and love so well, I wish you a life full of dreams, because only those who dream can achieve the goals of happiness.
I love you very much and I want this Christmas to be the best and most animated of all your Christmases.
Let the years pass, but keep me like that, a very special person.
Merry Christmas to you my love!

Loving Christmas

Love is the purest of feelings, the most beautiful of words, the strongest of emotions. And it seems that at this time of year, the world becomes more colorful, more full of life.
Perhaps it is the presence of angels that with the sweet sound of the flapping of their wings spread light and color wherever they are.
And it was certainly these same angels who brought you to me, to fill my life with joy and emotion.
And since it's Christmas, my love for you could not be bigger.
My happiness with your presence grows every moment and that's why I wish you: peace, health, love, luck, prosperity, success!
And that angels always bless our lives, in this and in all the next years that we spend together.
I love you more and more! Merry Christmas!

Image with black background with christmas present and decorative christmas balls
Image with black background with Christmas present and decorative Christmas balls with text dedication: May your life be filled with the same happiness and pleasur that you’ve showered my life with. I Love You.

The houses of peace and love

May peace, love between all people and joy be in every home in everyone.
This magical season deserves to be lived with great intensity and joy. Happy holidays for all is the biggest wish I feel in my heart.
Let's do good, let's join family and friends! We live this appointment with a heart full of wonderful feelings and feelings.
We will be happy with those who love us. Happy Holidays!

The feeling that lasts all year long

Another Christmas has come and, despite trying so hard, I can't think of everything I want as a gift, because I already have your love and that's all I need in life.
You make me so happy every day of the year and in return I want you to know that you will always have my respect, my support and, above all, my love.
I love you so much and I want your Christmas to be the happiest of all!

A very stimulating Christmas love

My love, this time too the time we like so much has come. Christmas time!
This is the right time to make our dreams come true and help others. We should not do it out of obligation, but with the truth in our hearts.
At your side I feel only passion, love and enchantment. Maybe that's why I feel this great need to give back to others what may be missing.
I think it is not altruism, but sharing my life with someone who shows me the true meaning of life.
I am very lucky to have you in my daily life, in my home and in my heart! I'm sure this Christmas will be very happy and special.
May a thousand miracles happen to everyone and do not miss anything beautiful from every table in the house of every people. Merry Christmas!!

Good day on Christmas Eve

Good morning on Christmas Eve! I wish that in addition to gifts, your day was full of good moments next to those you love most.
May your heart be filled with love and affection and your positive energies can be renewed.
Embrace this season with an open heart and receive the best it brings.

25 December: Merry Christmas to you

The most special day of the year has come,
full of magic and good energy
and I'm just going through
wish you a happy Christmas day!
May every moment you live today
be joyful and always in
good company. That there is no lack
gifts, of course, but above all
hugs and affection.
Merry Christmas

Image with romantic text: our love is the best gift I could have asked for! Merry Christmas. The text is written with colored chalks and a big heart in the middle
Image with romantic text: Your love is the best gift I could have asked for! Merry Christmas sweetheart!! The messages is written with colored chalks with a big heart in the middle .

Imagine Christmas without my love

My love, I can't imagine my life without you. How could I, for example, celebrate this beautiful and special moment without your presence? How could I smile at the Christmas table without you?
Such thoughts invade my thinking today; are things that I do not control.
But they will go away and give way to happiness without limits in an instant. They are such beautiful things that they seem incredible to me that I can live them.
Merry Christmas, honey! I love you.

The light of this Christmas

May the light of this Christmas illuminate our whole life. I love you!

Joy for Christmas

Christmas is here! Magic season
Of color, light and joy. Then open the
your hearts to love,
to forgiveness and happiness.
Because this is a moment of peace
of solidarity and kindness.
Think about our family and our
friends, but also to those
who have nothing and are alone.
We will fill our faces with smiles,
The hearts of love, joy
and generosity and our
Houses of peace and harmony.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas and other moments of happiness

Christmas is the time when we act as we should do throughout the year. Christmas is a reflection, it's peace and it's love and it's change, and it's family and it's friendship!
Do not make Christmas a synonym of consumerism, a gift with a bow and materialism.
Take the opportunity to celebrate with a heart full of feeling.
Celebrate with or without the date symbolism, but celebrate, celebrate and do this lifestyle!

Merry Christmas, love for my life

Love for my life, I hope this is a time of celebration and peace. Merry Christmas!

All good for the heart in the new year

A new year is beginning in our life, little big love.
What was ending was very special. I felt love in my heart like I had never done before.
I was happy by your side. I promise that I will take care of both of them as I did last year.
In fact, it's the only way I'm happy, baby. What magical feelings are renewed in our union and nothing good is missing from our hearts.
Happy New Year, love!

Source of my joy

My love, the new year is coming and with it will come a thousand reasons to remain united as always.
You are the source of all my joy and I am immensely happy by your side.
Happy New Year!

Love, kiss and embrace in the new year

We will fight harder than ever to win.
We will love and kiss; I embrace and care for each other like never before.
A new year is a new possibility and I am sure that we will enjoy it together with all the intensity.
Happy New Year!

Your heart shines this Christmas

May the light of this Christmas shine in your heart all year round! Happy Holidays!

The reasons for Christmas

The eyes cannot find the reasons for Christmas; only the heart knows them and they have a single voice: love. Happy Holidays!

The magic moment of Christmas

The most special time of the year has come; the most beautiful and magical moment. Merry Christmas! May this beautiful and unforgettable date turn all dreams into reality and only love, peace and success can happen.
There is nothing more beautiful than celebrating Christmas with family and friends. May joy, health and harmony be intense and constant in all homes.
Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays with love, peace and forgiveness

This Christmas celebrates its meaning by allowing love, peace and forgiveness to always be part of your life.
Happy Holidays!

Christmas is the most special date

This is the most special date that exists because it is a moment of love, solidarity and joy.
Merry Christmas with the people you love!

Sweet image with a teddy bear who receives a gift from a sparrow in a snowy and fairy-tale landscape.
Sweet image with a teddy bear who receives a gift from a sparrow in a snowy and fairy-tale landscape.

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